The WomanStats Project

Great find for Women and Genders Studies, Sociology majors et cetera or anyone doing feminist research.

The WomanStats Project is the most comprehensive compilation of information on the status of women in the world. Can’t beat that. This all-inclusive resource is fairly user-friendly and cuts the googling time in half.

Aside for gallantly taking on the task of following the changes in the status of women for 294 variables for 174 countries as each year, they provide easy read charts giving insight to larger global issues. Feminist thumbs up!



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4 responses to “The WomanStats Project

  1. Whoa. That is gonna be incredibly useful, whenever I get around to writing that book on how feminism has failed women in today’s modern culture, or females are failing feminism, whichever =P

    Thanks for posting it!

  2. not too late

    Gee, I am pretty sure there are codes of dress for women in 100% of civil societies. Women can’t go topless except in remote primitive villages. Men can.

    • The dress code map also shows Islamic inforced dress codes for women under Sharia law. {mainly the map is focused on forced veiling practices and in some places violence is used as a means of unforceing this}

      Intresting to note that in most of Europe women can go topless in most places where men can, beaches for example. Here are cities in the US that allow for women to be topless:
      Boulder, Colorado
      Eugene, Oregon
      Portland, Oregon
      Ashland, Oregon
      Oregon Country Fair
      Lucy Vincent beach in Chilmark on Martha’s Vineyard
      South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida
      Key West, Florida
      Fantasy Fest
      New Orleans, Louisiana
      Mardi Gras
      Washington, D.C.
      Columbus, OH
      and here are some states
      New York

      Some may agree that Texas and NY are primative.

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