Cisgender (cis·gen·der)


The prefix cis has a latin root meaning “on the same side [as]”. A cisgendered person identifies with or experiences a gender that is congruent  with one’s biological sex.  

-Generally a cisgendered person can be classified as simply fitting the “gender normative”.

-The term cisgender originated as a way to shift the focus off of a marginalized group, by defining not only the minority group but also the majority. Rather than using a heavily biased word like “normal” or by identifying with what you are not, “non-transgender”.

*note: There is a spectrum of gender that falls between cisgendered and transgendered. As a rule if  best not to speculate about person’s gender until they have disclosed it to you personally.

The Vagionary serves as a reference tool for feminist jargon and general vocabulary. It’s sole purpose is to educate and enrich language use for activists, teachers and feminists in any capacity.

Because we all know that knowledge is power.

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  1. Love the term “vajionary.” Brilliant.

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