Highlighting Our Sheros and Heros

Update: This post was is in no way affiliated with the propagandist, anti-choice message of “Operation Rescue.” Their use of this blog as a means to promote disinformation, suggesting they were in anyway a factor in Dr. Tiller’s choice to retire is disgraceful and inaccurate. Dr. Tiller devoted his life to help women make fully informed medical decisions without being coerced and frightened by a political agenda. Operation Rescue is a dangerous organ of misinformation and promotes violence against women and medical professionals in the due course of their lives. Their agenda is exclusively devoted to engendering fear amongst emotionally vulnerable women seeking safe medical treatment in accordance with the law.

Last night I had the honor of attending a fundraiser which honored the life and work of Dr. George Tiller who was savagely murdered nearly a year ago. Julie Burkhart worked with Dr. Tiller and Dr. LeRoy Carhart at the Wichita, Women’s Health Care Services Clinic. She has since founded the Trust Women PAC. Dr. Carhart spoke eloquently but was visibly distraught over the loss of his good friend and partner. Carhart and Tiller were both Vietnam Veterans and fought boldly for our country although Dr. Tiller was sent home early after the sudden and tragic deaths of the bulk of his immediate family while he was on tour. Dr. Carhart confided that Dr. Tiller told him that after decades of service to women he would soon begin his retirement to travel with his wife. A week after this announcment,  he was savagely murdered during services at his church, the Reformation Lutheran Church in Wichita.

Dr. Tiller

Dr. Tiller

The overwhelming demand for the doctors at the Wichita clinic was high and the few providers that operated their facility were the only Doctors willing to take the risk to provide this necessary and legal procedure in Kansas.  Dr. Carhart had to cross state lines for weekly rotations in order to serve the women of his home state as well as patients in Nebraska.

Emily Lyons also spoke as an impassioned victim survivor of a bomb which exploded outside her clinic in 1998. She lost one eye, hearing in one ear, she has suffered from dizzy spells and has undergone at least one surgery every year since the bombing. A Birmingham police officer, Robert Sanderson, was killed. Emily Lyons continues to fight for reproductive access for women across the country.

Julie Burkhart is the Founder and Executive Director of Trust Women PAC. She worked closely with Dr. Tiller and carries on his mission and legacy. Cristina Page generously opened up her home for the event. Hosts and sponsors included @Heartfeldt @shelbyknox @clinicescort @IAmDrTiller@baratunde @desifeminista @goddessjaz @aimeett @irincarmon @trustwomenmovie and more. {Twitter names for the sake of anonymity and consistency.}

The air ran thick with a sense of pride and determination, to carry on the mission and to ensure that all women are safe to act as agents of their own destiny. States like Kansas and Nebraska have put women under siege. Trust Women PAC fights to make sure all women have the ability to make well informed decisions and respects their rights over their bodies. If you trust women please consider making a donation today.

Nebraska has passed some of the most constrictive and limiting laws against women’s rights in recent history. The state has envied some of the most infamous anti-choice legislation to date. To echo the sentiments of Dr. Carhart, our most fierce adversaries are not the anti-choice extremists bombing and terrorizing providers, our biggest fight is against lobbyists, candidates and law makers. Policy is personal.

Honor our heroes and sheroes, those who bravely risk their lives so that we are able to express full independence. Anti-Choice extremists want nothing more than to see the total disempowerment of women. Remember they are not attempting to protect life, rather they are fighting to devalue the lives of women. Stand up for women’s rights today. Do you trust women?



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13 responses to “Highlighting Our Sheros and Heros

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    • Doug

      Operation Rescue is a terrorist organization. When Scott Roeder and Troy Newman had lunch together Roeder brought up the idea of assassinating Dr. Tiller. Troy’s response was that he didn’t have a problem with it. Read Troy’s book, he advocates the murder (actually he said beheading, like what the Taliban does) of doctors. Stick these criminals in prison.

  2. Arielle:
    Keep up the amazing work. I’m horrified that Operation Rescue used your work to dishonor the memory of Dr. Tiller, all we can do now is continue to look ahead and carry on his legacy of TRUSTING WOMEN.
    Love you.

  3. not too late

    Trust women, hmm.

    After seeing illegitimacy skyrocket after contraception and abortion “liberated” women?



    • No choice, child or women is illegitimate.

      • not too late

        “No choice, child or women is illegitimate.”

        Sure they are. Get a dictionary and look up illegitimate. It means not recognized in law. The point is there are way more kids born to unmarried parents now than before abortion was legal. A kid born to unmarried parents is illegitimate because he doesn’t have the legal right to his father’s support. Of course now it is possible to sue for paternity to gain legitimacy but that is itself a legal proceeding. Children born within marriage are automatically entitled to their father’s support without a legal proceeding to establish a biological relationship. They are recognized in law: legitimate.

        Plenty of choices are illegitimate as well. They are not recognized as lawful choices.

      • “Not Too Late” (for what?):

        So, are you under the impression that children who are born to single mothers (note: single motherhood is also a choice) are not entitled to legal protections, rights, and benefits? I believe you are mistaking a marriage license for a birth certificate. A father listed on the birth certificate is all that is necessary, without further legal proceedings, for a child to be entitled to paternal support.
        Marriage does not imply legitimacy, even in your definition of legitimate.
        Please take an extra moment to continue reading, and thinking, before you write — Illegitimate is also defined as “departing from the regular,” which is the more appropriate definition in this context.

  4. not too late

    “note: single motherhood is also a choice”

    a stupid one, but yes.

    “A father listed on the birth certificate is all that is necessary, without further legal proceedings, for a child to be entitled to paternal support.”

    A fair point, however a special form has to be submitted for a father to be listed on a birth certificate if he is not married to the mother. Still it is necessary to follow the law.

    I maintain that everyone understands the common meaning of illegitimate child.

  5. Great post. I think it’s whacko bananas that doctors have to wear a bullet-proof vest just because they provide comprehensive women’s health care.

  6. Callie Hogan

    Not Too Late:

    You say “illegitimacy” sky rocketed when abortion and contraception became available. This is actually untrue. Contraception was originally used almost entirely by married women to space out their children, (although that’s was not necessarily its original intention). The use of birth control sky rocketed in the 1950’s and 60’s, a time with the lowest out-of-wedlock birth rates in American history.

    Second, the abortion rate was relatively high up until about 1940’s, when women could get an abortion upon a doctors discretion. And illegal abortions in 1960 were at 24% (similar to today’s rate), and 90% of premarital pregnancies were aborted illegally. So wouldn’t you say that these “illegitimate” pregnancies are simply carried to term at a higher rate? I think it is fortunate that today we allow women a CHOICE, both to abort and to raise a child out of wedlock without the extreme stigma they used to face (although certainly as we see through your comments we are not out of the woods yet.)

    You can check it out in Homeward Bound by Elaine Tyler May, in the section titled the reproductive consensus.

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