We are all Dr. Tiller

Dr. Tiller was a Veteran who never rested in his civic duties. Honor him on this, the anniversary of his death which coincides with Memorial Day. I hope to one day see the day when doctors are able to serve patients with out fear.

Please help by making sure you live as a visible ally. A woman’s choice to end a pregnancy is never an easy one. We must assure that doctors are safely able to provide.


“There are so many things you can do to help protect abortion providers and to help women have access to safe, legal, healthy abortions.



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4 responses to “We are all Dr. Tiller

  1. Lisa

    Maybe we can all watch some videos of an abortion being performed to remember the work he did. There is a full video of a procedure at: [censored]

  2. Callie Hogan

    Hey Arielle,
    I don’t mean to be picky but I don’t think its fair to say that its easy to choose to end a pregnancy. From my understanding of feminist psychology research on abortion, the most difficult part of an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy is making a decision on what to do. Perhaps the procedure is relatively simple, but the choice itself is not…

    • Callie,
      You are absolutely right! That was a very unfortunate typo. The medical procedure is relatively simple the choice is by no means easy. I’m sorry about any confusion. I am strongly pro-choice partly because the decision to keep a pregnancy is so dificult and no barriers should stand in the way of a women making a fully informed and safe choice.
      Again I apologize about the typo.

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