Cutting off her Hair

Meghan Shalvoy

Meghan Shalvoy

I’ve had so many proud feminist moments recently. But One of the biggest was helping my dear friend Meghan Shalvoy’s cut off all her hair. She just returned from volunteering with a fabulous organization called Raising Haiti.

Meghan who was recently given a co-chair as president of the Nation Organization for Women’s Young Feminist Take Force, is also a recent college grad, a very active community organizer and a major feminist activist.  Meghan is powerful. She wanted to mark this new phase of her life with a bold gesture.

Hair is so powerful, as women we do a lot to our hair, perming, straightening, dying, cutting, braiding, even going natural takes a lot of work. By cutting it all out, or off in this case, one has the option to focus on a more important things. Meghan has taken the leap, no longer bound to blow drying and excessive conditioning. Now with her new hair, Meghan is unstoppable. She hopes to soon return to Haiti to continue in the humanitarian effort. She has donated her hair to the an organization where it will be gathered with others and to nylon bags to prevent the oil spill reaching the shore of the gulf coast.

I applaud her brave choice and she looks awesome to boot!



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2 responses to “Cutting off her Hair

  1. I love you Arielle ❤

  2. Jen

    I have been thinking about cutting all mine off and donating it for the oil spill. It’s annoying to always have hair getting in your way when you’re trying to chase a toddler.

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