Back To School: Bagged lunch.

We’ll it is back to school time, that may mean picking out your ungnawed  your Dioxin Ticonderoga’s to sharpen from last semester. It may me editing your syllabi and remembering to acknowledge the co-work you copy and pasted the schools plagiarism policy from. It may mean coordinating a carpool for you and your half-dozen neighbors and their dozen children. Perhaps it just means competing with the exponentially more commuters pushing thru the subway turnstile on your local commute.

But for more of us it signals faint feeling of nostalgia. Do you remember your first day of school, high school, college? Do you remember your first lunch box? I had a really chic plastic lunch box with Mickey Mouse on it. It was red, it came with an awesome thermos, which I promptly lost.

In this economic climate many students (and eaters overall ) are opting not to buy lunch. The folks over at Kitchn have listed some great brown bag tips. I am attempting to be part of this wave of conscientious noshers. This isn’t a particularly ‘feminist’ action but I believe that all mindful actions, be they clearly defined as social or purely environmental in nature are about the one thing, a common good, doing things differently because the results are better.

Carrots in reusable container, Dolphin safe Tuna sandwich, White Peach

So here’s my quick environmental tip: Use an old coffee bag instead of buying a pack brown bags for lunch. First off it looks so much cooler. Second it features its very own built-in closure. On top of all that you get to advertise for your favorite local, sustainable, organic coffee farm. I picked a bag of  the zesty and complex Sleepy Hollow Blend produced by Irving Farm Coffee Company, they’re just 90 miles outside the City in the Hudson Valley (the closer the company the smaller the CO2 footprint!). One other point these beauties are  better insulated than any paper bag could dream of.

Keep using this bag as long as you can, it’s much sturdier than a paper bag and it folds up neatly.

Check out tomorrows lunch and please share any of your back to school eco-money-savers.


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