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Happy Belated Harvey Milk Day

Saturday May 22nd  would have been Harvey Milk’s 80th birthday and California has officially recognized it as Harvey Milk Day. Harvey and I both graduated from Bay Shore High School, exactly 60 years apart from each other. Kids in Cali are honoring his memory by handing out Harvey Milkshakes and Milk Duds, along with educational flyers about Harvey’s work  uniting all marginalized minorities and fighting for gay rights.



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This Movement Needs More …


That’s right, we need more hats ladies(…and gents). In light of the recent Kentucky Derby and WORKSHOP‘s 7th Annual Kentucky Derby Party I have come to the conclusion that we need more hats in the movement. What better way to show you mean business than to come marching in a lovely hat?   


“When I went to represent my law firm anywhere—I was a young kid just out of college—I said, “How do you do? I’m Bella Abzug from the law firm of such and such,” and people would say, “Yes, fine, fine, sit down.” So I’d wait and nothing much would happen, so finally I’d clear my throat and say, “I’m Bella Abzug from the law firm of such and such,” and they’d say, “Yes, we know, but we’re waiting.” I’d say, “What are we waiting for?” And they’d say, “We’re waiting for the lawyer.” They thought I was the secretary. So I had this identity crisis.   

I went home and discussed it with my husband, Martin. In those days professional women wore hats—and gloves, so I put on gloves and a hat. And every time I went anywhere for business, with the hat and gloves, they knew I was there for business. ”
Excerpt from Bella Abzug Interview with Global Education Motivators, April 24, 1997.   

Chanel had her own remarkable effect on women’s wear and gender constructs. She single-handedly marked the corset a fashion fuax-pas  and set the trend of male inspired textiles and cuts.  She redefined what is acceptable for women to wear. She first created hats and then clothing from the styles and materials based on poverty-induced sensibilities. Casual and comfortable was the new couture. Her impact on women remains.   

Other Feminists in Hats.   

Yoko Ono

Gloria Steinem in a smart and functional hat!

Gloria Steinem in a warm and cozy hat.


Zora Neale Hurston

Zora Neale Hurston

Jessi Arrington, a women of many hats.

Queen Latifah

Women from CodePink celebrating George W. Bush's last night in office.

Two Women from CodePink celebrating George W. Bush's last night in office.


Show me your feminist {self in a }hat!!!

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WORKS PROGRESS, innovation during the Recession.

Ani and Emma Katz’s Recession Arts Works Opening Party is this Weekend and I am thrilled. The two young and ambitions art patrons have re-written the rules of the New York gallery scene (and on a budget). Recession Art organization gives starving artists a forum for recognition.  They also allow you, to buy orignal artwork without having to forfeit a month’s rent.                 


  The Katz Sisters were both under employed art enthusiasts, during  in January 2009 the economic climate of NYC gave way to the genesis of Recession Arts. The show features  young, struggling artists who have yet to receive very much exposure. The innovative venue allows for artists to showcase their work outside the traditional gallery. In addition, a $500 price cap per piece is set so that middle-income art lovers can afford to purchase all arts displayed.         

 In 1989 the Guerrilla Girls conducted a “weenie count” at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art,  the collection showed that less than 5% of the artists in the Met’s modern art sections were women. You won’t find that with Recession Arts. Of the 12 artists selected for the Spring 2010 show 7 are female.

Past shows have featured photography, installation pieces, multi-media collage and prints. The varied artistic styled and inviting and open setting at the Invisible Dog Gallery is seamlessly curated with a sensibility leaning more closer to fun and less toward pretension.                   

Artists include:

Megan Berk
Amanda Boulton
Zach Chupa
Julie Floersch
Emily Francois
Katerie Gladdys 
   Angela Jann
Jonathon Kambouris
Ian Trask
Cubby West
Alison Wilder
Shawn Yu 


Free admission               
Saturday April 24th, 6pm to Midnight
@ The Invisible Dog
51 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
[between Smith & Court streets Subway F or G
Bergen Street stop]

More info @                 

I hope you can all make it this Saturday, the opening party is always a blast. Beer, snacks and affordable arts abound.  Feminist Kudos for sisters working together!               

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April Events

Tomorrow I’m so excited to announce that my good friend Jerin Alam will receive honors from the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute 2nd Annual Awards Fundraiser — The Bella Award and Bella-Fella Award. Gloria Steinem and Jonathan Greenberg will be honored as well.

If you can make it please come out and support BALI.

Students and moderate income supporters will also be welcome at a much reduced fee.

I’ll see you at the door.



More Events:

Saturday April 10th 

 F.A.T.E. NYC is hosting an indoor arts flea
market at 306 Eighth Avenue (between 25th and 26th Streets) from


 National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon!

New York, NY   New York Abortion Access Fund & HAVEN
$45,014 have been raised so far, they only need  $79,986 to get reach the goal. 

Monday, April 26th from 7-11pm @ The Gutter  Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Wednesday, April 28th @ 7PM – Free

Meet Up: Guerrilla Girls “Women’s Networking” 

@Bluestockings Radical Books  

172 Allen Street @ Stanton (in the Lower East Side)

Calling all women artists! Join feminist sheroes the Guerrilla Girls and get your networking on! Introduce yourself, share your work in a safe, supportive environment and bring your business cards because new and beautiful relationships are to be forged. Visit for more information.






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Slow to update

So sorry for the lack of update this past week I’ve just relocated.

Here’s what a feminist moves like:

I promise I’ll be normal soon…

Eve Ensler and I

Here are some photos from DC

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See you in DC

I’m so excited to see you all there!

Updates about the conference to come!


go to for more details.

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CUNY Needs A University-wide Sexual Assault Policy!


Did you know that City University of New York (CUNY) does not have a university-wide sexual assault policy for it’s half-a-million students?

(all information is copied from the Facebook Group




YOU CAN HELP CHANGE THAT BY COMING TO THE FOLLOWING PUBLIC FORUM OR CONTACTING US ABOUT HOW ELSE TO HELP at CUNY Central is ready to present a proposed policy to the Board of Trustees for approval in April. However, a large group of us, including elected officials* feel that the policy lacks two vital components – – 1. clearer language about mandatory education and 2. anonymous reporting. 

 CUNY Board of Trustees public hearing on Monday, May 15, 4:30pm-6pm. If you wish to speak during the Staten Island borough hearing, please call the Office of the Secretary of the Board at (212) 794-5450 by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, March 12, 2010.

 However, you can just attend without having to call ahead. BOARD OF TRUSTEES 

 The City University of New York Annual Staten Island Borough Hearing The College of Staten Island 2800 Victory Boulevard Staten Island, NY 10314 Center for the Arts – Recital Hall. 

 The Board of Trustees of The City University of New York welcomes testimony and statements from concerned individuals about University issues. BACKGROUND INFO: Since 2008, my good friend Jerin Alam has  been 1 of 5 students on a CUNY-wide task force of 12 to create this policy, which includes CUNY’s General Counsel staff, the Council of Presidents, Student Development personnel, faculty and staff researchers, and Public Safety. 

Clear language about mandatory education is the most important part of the policy; without it, the implementation will be just as ineffective as the CUNY-wide sexual-harassment policy, which is one of the strongest on paper. 

 Currently, the harassment education involves a 10-minute online quiz a student takes once during freshman orientation . The student can just go back and change the answers if she/he marks an incorrect response. At a recent CUNY college orientation about sexual harassment, the education involved a true/false quiz, and the faculty member giving the orientation used inappropriate, victim-blaming language. Obviously, the lack of concrete language in the CUNY-wide harassment policy resulted in colleges not enforcing the mandatory education component. 

 I appreciate the legal concerns involved with making provision for anonymous reporting, but the best sexual-assault policies, in different types of institutions across the country, offer anonymous reporting to alleged victims. For instance, the military has been successfully using anonymous reporting to mitigate the potential fear and shame attendant upon reporting sexual assaults. As you may already know, most college campuses have historically under-reported incidents of sexual assault. Recent estimates suggest that 90% of sexual assault go unreported to law enforcement officials, a situation that further ostracizes victims. *elected officials such as Congresswoman Maloney, NYS State Senator Liz Krueger, and Assembly member and chair to the Higher Ed Committee Deborah Glickstein, and organizations like NOW, Feminist Majority, etc. 

These are the two key issues we have been adamant about from the beginning. In fact, I was one of two students who started this whole process in 2008 by approaching CUNY Central, and my interest began in wanting to have mandatory prevention education on campus. 

We are happy to meet with ANYONE appropriate to discuss why these issues are so important and to answer any questions/concerns.

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