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I like it when you pick up your purse and do something.

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Sarah likes it on the floor. Maya likes in on the banister.

Apparently my mom likes it on the kitchen counter.

I really like it when you don’t put down your purse at all. I like it when you donate directly to research.Or when you run a 5K for the cure or when you tell me about the amazing survivors you know.

Awareness is great; action is best.

I find this whole vague viral awareness campaign genuinely problematic. If you don’t know what I’m talking about go check your Facebook feed.  Last year an anonymous Facebook user sent out a message attempting to raise awareness about Breast Cancer by asking women to volunteer the color of their bra on their Facebook status. This year women are encouraged to post where they like to put their hand bag.

Okay first off, what a mundane idea? Where do I like to put my purse? What if I don’t carry a purse everyday? I’m a student and I generally carry a backpack. Second what does this have to do with breast cancer awareness, at all?

This is totally exclusive to women who don’t carry a purse and men. Most men don’t carry purses, most men don’t get breast cacner. But some do! Either way they are surely just as interested in generating awareness since their wives, daughter or mother might be has battled against this awful disease.

My biggest issue is that this meme encourages women to make provocative statements or innuendoes about an otherwise totally innocuous action. I fear that people are not thinking when they post and they are likely to receive unwanted comments that could potentially lead to sexual harassment. Most of the people are doing this because it fun or funny but they aren’t doing anything more. They’re not thinking about the implications of their statement. They’re not doing a self-exam which is likely to lead to early breast cancer detection. They’re not funding research which can lead to a cure.

What are they doing? Objectifying themselves, being mindless, sheepish and ignoring reality all in the name of “awareness”.

Pink washing at its worse this of year. So just take second and ask yourself is this really raising awareness, is it doing anything?

I propose that instead you post where you like to do you breast self-exam and how often.

I like to do it in the shower, at least once a month.

Where do you like to do it? How often?



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Why I Love Miss NY!

Stuff Queer People Need To Know (follow them @SQPNTK) has just shared that the multi-talented dancer, photographer, student and current Miss New York Claire Buffie will be the first Miss America competitor to run on “Straight for Equality: Let’s Talk” platform, which will focusing on all aspects of equality for the LGBT community. Buffie told the Advocate that the major reason she stuck with the competition is her passion for her platform: improving the climate for LGBT youths in schools, and breaking stigma, and talking about misconceptions .

It’s to get so great to see a Beauty Queen who is an outspoken advocate for human rights. She is a real role model to young women everywhere! I’m so proud to be from NY.

Miss NY competes on equality platform As much as I despise former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean — who recently exercised her right to “opposite marriage” when she tied the knot with Oakland Raider Kyle Boller — and these so-called scholarship competitions, one beauty queen is supporting LGBT rights in her race for the crown. Miss New York … Read More

via Stuff Queer People Need To Know

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Cutting off her Hair

Meghan Shalvoy

Meghan Shalvoy

I’ve had so many proud feminist moments recently. But One of the biggest was helping my dear friend Meghan Shalvoy’s cut off all her hair. She just returned from volunteering with a fabulous organization called Raising Haiti.

Meghan who was recently given a co-chair as president of the Nation Organization for Women’s Young Feminist Take Force, is also a recent college grad, a very active community organizer and a major feminist activist.  Meghan is powerful. She wanted to mark this new phase of her life with a bold gesture.

Hair is so powerful, as women we do a lot to our hair, perming, straightening, dying, cutting, braiding, even going natural takes a lot of work. By cutting it all out, or off in this case, one has the option to focus on a more important things. Meghan has taken the leap, no longer bound to blow drying and excessive conditioning. Now with her new hair, Meghan is unstoppable. She hopes to soon return to Haiti to continue in the humanitarian effort. She has donated her hair to the an organization where it will be gathered with others and to nylon bags to prevent the oil spill reaching the shore of the gulf coast.

I applaud her brave choice and she looks awesome to boot!


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Eve Ensler fights for the Congo, fights Cancer and the Congo, again.




My number one shero Eve Ensler was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer.  She has been in the care of excellent doctors and under went a very successful operation.  She  confirms that her prognosis is excellent. She is by no means retiring from her global crusade to end violence against women and her passion for the Congo has only been reinforced.  

I meet Eve Ensler a few times this past winter in Washington DC. She is an unstoppable and powerful women. I was so overcome by her presence that I weep all over her leather coat. When I said “I’m sorry I’m never like this” she looked down at my copy of her latest book ‘I Am An Emotional Creature’ and said “Sweety, never apologize, have you read the book? You are an emotional creature and it’s a beautiful thing.” She is one of the most genuine, kind and passionate people I have ever encountered.   

 I ask that we all follow her lead and be thankful for our health, communities and the safety we have. After we pause to appreciate where we are, we must remember to keep a focus of those suffering in our global sisterhood. Please continue to raise awareness about the Congo and violence against women everywhere.  

 “Cancer has a way of stripping away that which is not important and leaving what is. What remains with me is all of you – your dedication, your commitment, your open hearts, your healing ways. I have learned so much in these two months about care and what it means to be cared for and to care for others. It requires time, attention, stillness and patience. That is the work of V-Day. So, if you truly want to help me now, continue to care, continue to stand up to end violence and work harder than you have ever worked before to make sure women and girls are safe and free, and that men and boys are embodied with their girl cell.”

Continue to Congo Cancer: My Cancer is Arbitrary Congo’s Atrocities Are Very Deliberate

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Layla Love wants you!


My good friend and fellow activist Layla Love is looking for a photogrpahy asistance, web developer, and PR person. Please contact me it you are interested.


If you’re a feminist and you can read this chance are that you’ve seen Layla Love’s work. She is an amazing photographer, committed activist, and daring free spirit.  Oh yeah and Layla Love is her birth name, yeah she’s that cool.  

She’s shot Alice Walker,Teri O’Neill,  Amy Goodman, Liz Abuzg, Gloria Stienem, she’s work with NARAL, NOW, the Women’s Media Center. Barak Obama even has one of her pieces hanging in the West Wing. She has been featured in a Catherine Johnson-curated show at the National Arts Club and at the Collective Hardware gallery last year. The Chelsea Arts Club has offered her a show. Tiffany’s has her shown her pieces in Singapore and Kyoto, Japan, this year. You get the point Layla, as Joe Biden would say Layla is a “big f*cking deal”

The Daily News just did a feature article with a heavy focus on her struggle to maintain her eye sight. Layla has a rare neurological disorder likened to Parkinsons, but amazingly this barely slows her down. She need a little help to keep her rising above all this. This is an amazing oppretunity for anyone who’s interestesed. Layla is based in NY. Please contact me for more information and I will foward to Layla.

Layla Love by Allison Kramer

Layla Love by Allison Kramer

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The WomanStats Project

Great find for Women and Genders Studies, Sociology majors et cetera or anyone doing feminist research.

The WomanStats Project is the most comprehensive compilation of information on the status of women in the world. Can’t beat that. This all-inclusive resource is fairly user-friendly and cuts the googling time in half.

Aside for gallantly taking on the task of following the changes in the status of women for 294 variables for 174 countries as each year, they provide easy read charts giving insight to larger global issues. Feminist thumbs up!


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This Movement Needs More …


That’s right, we need more hats ladies(…and gents). In light of the recent Kentucky Derby and WORKSHOP‘s 7th Annual Kentucky Derby Party I have come to the conclusion that we need more hats in the movement. What better way to show you mean business than to come marching in a lovely hat?   


“When I went to represent my law firm anywhere—I was a young kid just out of college—I said, “How do you do? I’m Bella Abzug from the law firm of such and such,” and people would say, “Yes, fine, fine, sit down.” So I’d wait and nothing much would happen, so finally I’d clear my throat and say, “I’m Bella Abzug from the law firm of such and such,” and they’d say, “Yes, we know, but we’re waiting.” I’d say, “What are we waiting for?” And they’d say, “We’re waiting for the lawyer.” They thought I was the secretary. So I had this identity crisis.   

I went home and discussed it with my husband, Martin. In those days professional women wore hats—and gloves, so I put on gloves and a hat. And every time I went anywhere for business, with the hat and gloves, they knew I was there for business. ”
Excerpt from Bella Abzug Interview with Global Education Motivators, April 24, 1997.   

Chanel had her own remarkable effect on women’s wear and gender constructs. She single-handedly marked the corset a fashion fuax-pas  and set the trend of male inspired textiles and cuts.  She redefined what is acceptable for women to wear. She first created hats and then clothing from the styles and materials based on poverty-induced sensibilities. Casual and comfortable was the new couture. Her impact on women remains.   

Other Feminists in Hats.   

Yoko Ono

Gloria Steinem in a smart and functional hat!

Gloria Steinem in a warm and cozy hat.


Zora Neale Hurston

Zora Neale Hurston

Jessi Arrington, a women of many hats.

Queen Latifah

Women from CodePink celebrating George W. Bush's last night in office.

Two Women from CodePink celebrating George W. Bush's last night in office.


Show me your feminist {self in a }hat!!!

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