Layla Love wants you!


My good friend and fellow activist Layla Love is looking for a photogrpahy asistance, web developer, and PR person. Please contact me it you are interested.


If you’re a feminist and you can read this chance are that you’ve seen Layla Love’s work. She is an amazing photographer, committed activist, and daring free spirit.  Oh yeah and Layla Love is her birth name, yeah she’s that cool.  

She’s shot Alice Walker,Teri O’Neill,  Amy Goodman, Liz Abuzg, Gloria Stienem, she’s work with NARAL, NOW, the Women’s Media Center. Barak Obama even has one of her pieces hanging in the West Wing. She has been featured in a Catherine Johnson-curated show at the National Arts Club and at the Collective Hardware gallery last year. The Chelsea Arts Club has offered her a show. Tiffany’s has her shown her pieces in Singapore and Kyoto, Japan, this year. You get the point Layla, as Joe Biden would say Layla is a “big f*cking deal”

The Daily News just did a feature article with a heavy focus on her struggle to maintain her eye sight. Layla has a rare neurological disorder likened to Parkinsons, but amazingly this barely slows her down. She need a little help to keep her rising above all this. This is an amazing oppretunity for anyone who’s interestesed. Layla is based in NY. Please contact me for more information and I will foward to Layla.

Layla Love by Allison Kramer

Layla Love by Allison Kramer


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I’m not just Pro-Choice, I am Pro-Voice.

I’m a big fan of Exhale, a pro voice organization that strives to create an open enviroment where women can talk about their unique abortion experiences without so much political polarization or social stigma.

Each woman makes choices in accord with their own system of values, hopes and circumstance. We cannot forgot that when we discuss the subject of abortion that it is not about “what I would do”, “what I want”. It is different for every person and we cannot flash one experience as the ulitmate truth.

Here some Pro-Voice supporters explain just what that means.

“Exhale offers a free, After-Abortion Talkline that provides emotional support, resources and information. The talkline is available to women and girls who have had abortions and to their partners, friends, allies and family members. All calls are completely confidential and counselors are non-judgmental.”

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We are all Dr. Tiller

Dr. Tiller was a Veteran who never rested in his civic duties. Honor him on this, the anniversary of his death which coincides with Memorial Day. I hope to one day see the day when doctors are able to serve patients with out fear.

Please help by making sure you live as a visible ally. A woman’s choice to end a pregnancy is never an easy one. We must assure that doctors are safely able to provide.


“There are so many things you can do to help protect abortion providers and to help women have access to safe, legal, healthy abortions.


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Highlighting Our Sheros and Heros

Update: This post was is in no way affiliated with the propagandist, anti-choice message of “Operation Rescue.” Their use of this blog as a means to promote disinformation, suggesting they were in anyway a factor in Dr. Tiller’s choice to retire is disgraceful and inaccurate. Dr. Tiller devoted his life to help women make fully informed medical decisions without being coerced and frightened by a political agenda. Operation Rescue is a dangerous organ of misinformation and promotes violence against women and medical professionals in the due course of their lives. Their agenda is exclusively devoted to engendering fear amongst emotionally vulnerable women seeking safe medical treatment in accordance with the law. Continue reading


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Cisgender (cis·gen·der)


The prefix cis has a latin root meaning “on the same side [as]”. A cisgendered person identifies with or experiences a gender that is congruent  with one’s biological sex.  

-Generally a cisgendered person can be classified as simply fitting the “gender normative”.

-The term cisgender originated as a way to shift the focus off of a marginalized group, by defining not only the minority group but also the majority. Rather than using a heavily biased word like “normal” or by identifying with what you are not, “non-transgender”.

*note: There is a spectrum of gender that falls between cisgendered and transgendered. As a rule if  best not to speculate about person’s gender until they have disclosed it to you personally.

The Vagionary serves as a reference tool for feminist jargon and general vocabulary. It’s sole purpose is to educate and enrich language use for activists, teachers and feminists in any capacity.

Because we all know that knowledge is power.

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Happy Belated Harvey Milk Day

Saturday May 22nd  would have been Harvey Milk’s 80th birthday and California has officially recognized it as Harvey Milk Day. Harvey and I both graduated from Bay Shore High School, exactly 60 years apart from each other. Kids in Cali are honoring his memory by handing out Harvey Milkshakes and Milk Duds, along with educational flyers about Harvey’s work  uniting all marginalized minorities and fighting for gay rights.


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Read my lips: Learning with the Vajionary

Introducing the Vajionary.

The Vajionary serves as a reference tool for feminist jargon and vocabulary. It’s sole purpose is to educate and enrich language use for activists, teachers and feminists in any capacity.  I know this will sound corny but knowledge is power. Also doesn’t vajionary sound an awful lot like visionary? Oh the power of feminine prefixes.

Doula (dou·lah)


The word doula is an ancient Greek term that translates to “caregiver.”  A doula provides emotional support, pain management and relaxation techniques, and information to her clients as needed. 

Types of Doulas

 Birth Doulas will provide all of the above throughout a client’s labor and delivery, as well as the immediate postpartum period (about two hours after the baby has been born).  The doula meets with clients prenatally to talk about birthing preferences, the creation of a birth plan, and to practice different positions and relaxation techniques for labor. Additionally, a birth doula provides a postpartum visit to review the client’s birth experience and refer them to any resources they may need. 

 Abortion Doulas will provide all of the above to clients who are choosing to terminate the pregnancy.  The doula will stay with the client throughout her procedure, as well as part of the recovery period, and will remain in touch with the client as she desires thereafter.

({This definition has been provided The Doula Project of NYC})


Now for extra credit use Doula in a complete sentence. I’ll go first who is your Doula?

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