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See you in DC

I’m so excited to see you all there!

Updates about the conference to come!


go to feministcampus.org/leadership/ for more details.


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busy, busy, busy

Sorry for the quite bit of time . I hope you all had a wonderful International Women’s Day. I’d love to hear how you celebrated.

My panel on the lower status of women globally and the laws that play a role,went very well. I was proud to be told that I “looked very Bella Abzug” à la my maroon hat.

Please take the time to support the people of Burma and tell everyone that you take a strong stance against the vast human rights violations (systematic rape,sexual violence, trafficking,forced labor, portering, relocation, torture, arbitrary arrest and detention, harassment, child soldering) taking place in Burma.

Ellen Page stands up for Human Rights

Tila Tequila stands up for Human Rights

Today I’m excited to attend a Lunch with Susan Herman president of ACLU and Pnina Knopf president of NCJW Peninsula Section followed by a talk.

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