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Why I Love Miss NY!

Stuff Queer People Need To Know (follow them @SQPNTK) has just shared that the multi-talented dancer, photographer, student and current Miss New York Claire Buffie will be the first Miss America competitor to run on “Straight for Equality: Let’s Talk” platform, which will focusing on all aspects of equality for the LGBT community. Buffie told the Advocate that the major reason she stuck with the competition is her passion for her platform: improving the climate for LGBT youths in schools, and breaking stigma, and talking about misconceptions .

It’s to get so great to see a Beauty Queen who is an outspoken advocate for human rights. She is a real role model to young women everywhere! I’m so proud to be from NY.

Miss NY competes on equality platform As much as I despise former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean — who recently exercised her right to “opposite marriage” when she tied the knot with Oakland Raider Kyle Boller — and these so-called scholarship competitions, one beauty queen is supporting LGBT rights in her race for the crown. Miss New York … Read More

via Stuff Queer People Need To Know


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Cisgender (cis·gen·der)


The prefix cis has a latin root meaning “on the same side [as]”. A cisgendered person identifies with or experiences a gender that is congruent  with one’s biological sex.  

-Generally a cisgendered person can be classified as simply fitting the “gender normative”.

-The term cisgender originated as a way to shift the focus off of a marginalized group, by defining not only the minority group but also the majority. Rather than using a heavily biased word like “normal” or by identifying with what you are not, “non-transgender”.

*note: There is a spectrum of gender that falls between cisgendered and transgendered. As a rule if  best not to speculate about person’s gender until they have disclosed it to you personally.

The Vagionary serves as a reference tool for feminist jargon and general vocabulary. It’s sole purpose is to educate and enrich language use for activists, teachers and feminists in any capacity.

Because we all know that knowledge is power.

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Trans-misogyny, I’m sick of it.

About a week ago a co-worker of mine explained how horrified he was to see a “he-she” at the bar that he took his date to.  This weekend I was walking around St. Marks with a new friend who wanted to share some juicy gossip about a girl we both know who may have once been biologically male. Why is this acceptable banter? I’m sorry but this is insane. That “he-she” is a transgender person. The girl rumored may in fact be a trans person. The point is they are people. I’m sick of hate being acceptable. I’m sick of that which is new or strange to us being stomped out and spit on and kicked out.  I’m sick of being quiet.

Both of these individuals would otherwise identify as being friendly to gays and lesbians, they support gay marriage. But apparently anyone trans is weird.  WTF? Wake up guys, it’s time to shut out this hate.

We all know about Constance McMillen who was sent to a fake prom because she wanted to take her girlfriend to herSenior Prom in Mississippi.  Juin Baize, a transgender student at Constance’s school was kicked out for wearing “feminine clothing.” While it is illegal for public schools to discriminate against students based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex or disability. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students have no explicit federal protection.

Demand equal protection for LGBT students!

As a feminist I demand that we accept everyone on the spectrum of gender. In order to fully achieve equality among the sexes we must be allies for to all who are oppressed by patriarchy. If you are a Trans Men or Trans Women, if you’re a Lesbian. If you’re Gay. If you’re a person who is sick of seeing other people excluding those who are different, then I want you to know I’m on your side.


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